Namaste! Welcome to Nepal!

The land of the Himalaya makes us think of snow-capped mountains and gently rolling hills. In fact, eight of the ten highest mountains of the world are situated in Nepal! This is how the beautiful country became the dream destination of every mountaineer.

Nepal lies in Asia, between India and China. The country offers the highest mountains of our planet. Tourists from all over the world come to Nepal for trekking, river rafting, bungee jumping and mountaineering. Many of them have one of the over 8,000 meter high peaks as their destination. Others come to visit the holy sites while spending time in a monastery to meditate as well as do yoga.

Approximately 29,187,000 people live in Nepal. There are over 100 different peoples with their own languages ​​and cultures (I myself belong to the Tamang). The official language is Nepali. Most of the Nepalese are Hindus, the second most important religion is Buddhism. Many Hindus live in the area on the border with India. As this area is very fertile, they live off of agriculture by growing rice and fruit. The country was ruled by a king until 2008; today it is a federal parliamentary republic.

The South of Nepal, at an elevation of around 300 meters above sea level, is flat with a lot of jungle. Between the Himalayas in the North and the jungle in the South, there is an area characterized by hills that steadily increase in altitude towards the Himalaya.

Many different cultures meet in central Nepal. Kathmandu, the capital, is located there. Tourists come to Kathmandu first because the international airport is located here. Many of them then travel to the mountains, where mainly Buddhists live. The people in the mountain regions live from the tourism. They work in hotels, as trekking guides, mountain guides, porters and in many other professions related to tourism.